Hello The Simple Vita|The Journey Has Begun

Now that the new year pressure has worn off, I’m much more at ease trying to plan out my goals. Even better is that I have officially started! Read about HERE.

Let me introduce a new part of my blog The Simple Vita! I’m Italian at heart so of course I used vita which translates to life. It’s not correct grammar but this is the Internet and what is grammar anyways?

I will be sharing my journey and everything I learn along the way in relations to zero-waste living and minimalism! I am trying my best to S I M P L I F Y my life.
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The Simple Vita| Grocery Shopping

I finally started! I started my simple life. I decided to just start because why not? I’ve been researching for months and now it’s time to do it!
Currently, I need to find another solution when it comes to bulk shopping. I found a local grocery store that has an amazing bulk section BUT they didn’t allow me to use my own containers because of health codes. I wrote to the company and they informed me that I am able to recycle all of the bags I use when shopping bulk. The plastic bags get recycled into decking, fencing, and other things like that. Which I guess is okay but I still feel guilty bringing home so many plastic bags. I will recycle them though! Continue reading