Millennial Problem|Anxiety 

I’m not sure what happened to my generation but we are all a bunch of anxiety freaks. Our moods can change at the drop of a hat. It’s quit ridiculous and it’s something I work hard to try and maintain. 

My experience today was triggered by a smell. I kid you not, a smell put me in bed ALL DAY because that smell made me feel “sick”. I tried to nap but couldn’t because I have a four year, mom life. So when I had to get up and get ready for family dinner, I was SICK! Headache erupted, my sore throats came back, I started coughing up mucus and I went into SAD MODE. I instantly went from feeling sick to being so incredibly sad and re-thinking my entire life! 

It’s February 5th and I had been sick since  Januruay 19th. I couldn’t do anything because I was exhausted and/or in pain. I felt like I wasted two weeks of my life! My house was a disaster. I wasn’t blogging, I wasn’t promoting my class or myself and I wasn’t working towards my goals. It took me a few days to talk myself into thinking it was okay. Anxiety is a bitch. 

So back to my experience today I instantly got sad after realizing I literally made myself sick again. I don’t want to be sick and waste time not achieving my goals. I was thinking of giving up zero-waste shopping because I hate going to four different grocery stores. I wanted to quit my blog. I even thought of taking an Instagram hiatus. This whole mindset unraveled because of a muf*ck SMELL! Fortunately I am aware I get over dramatic and decided to calm my ass down. 

The best way I tackle my anxiety is to do something. Excercising is GREAT but if you can’t do that, find something that brings you happiness. The song In the Name of Love is one of my favorites right now because it motivates me and brings me happiness. It instantly reminds me of what I am trying to achieve for myself. Once I have done something productive and have motivated myself again, I will do something that makes me happy! I love looking through my Instagram feeds especially on my instablog because I follow a lot of people that are designers, photographers, zero-waste, minimalists, all of my interest rolled up into one IG feed and it makes me happy! 

Don’t let anxiety get the best of you millennials! I swear anxiety is the devil. Always trying to make me feel like I can’t handle my own life and doing nothing is the best option. No way honey, I see you. God didn’t give me this life if I wasn’t made to handle it✌🏼

You got this.


Autism Mom Confession

Having a child with autism is an experience I really wanted to share with the internet to raise awareness and be supportive for other parents. It’s extremely difficult to do such thing and I applaud the parents that can show the world what autism really looks like because it’s not easy. There are good days and bad days. Us as parents have guidance from doctors, teachers, therapists and what not but it still feels as if we are walking blind because no two kids are alike.
It wasn’t until last week when I actually truly realized that Jay is autistic. Part of me always thought that he would be (dare I say it) NORMAL! I kind of always thought of it as a phase that he would grow out of because he’s progressed so much. People always say “He’s gonna be fine” like yeah he’ll always be fine but he won’t be “normal”. I have accepted the cognitive disorder, speech disorder, and all the other qualities but I never realized that he may not live a normal life when he’s older.
I don’t know how his life will go. Will he go to college? Will he ever live on his own? Will he ever get married? Will he ever have children? It’s a hard realization for me to accept and it just reminded me why I wanted to share our life. I remember in January 2015 searching YouTube videos of what kids with autism are like. I took to the internet for guidance and I know that there will be another worried mother out there who will be in the same position I was. I want to be the person they turn to.
If you read this and have read one of my old blogs then you know how much RissRose2 means to me. To put it short she was one of the main reasons why I didn’t have an abortion. I found comfort and strength in her which was something I needed very much at that time. She shared her life with the internet and changed my life forever. We have the same name, we both were pregnant at 20, both single parents, and her girls are amazing. Marissa is #MomGoals! But I am grateful for her presence on the internet because she saved my child’s life in a way and definitely made an impact in mine.
I still don’t know if it’s the “right” thing to do; to share my child with the internet. Will it actually make a difference? Will it really help people grow an understanding? Will it help another family? Who knows? NOT me. So here I am writing that I will throw out my fears and insecurities. I will share our life in hopes of making a difference in someone else’s. 


Big Picture Classes Debut| Coming SOON!

Yay!! I am beyond happy to share that my segment of the Plan It Out series will go live next Monday January 30th at!

Staying organized is key to managing life’s busyness. That’s where planners come in! Each month, this class series offers a new and inspiring teacher who will share how they use planners to keep track of their everyday. This month, Marisa Yciano shows how she customizes her planner pages for work, events, hobbies, and more. You’ll learn how to incorporate fun supplies and other useful elements into your planner so that you’ll never miss a to-do again.

In my class, I share some of my must have planner products and the process I go through to achieve a fun layout! It’s perfect for people that are familiar with planning and want to try a new planning style. So be sure to check it out! You can “Save it for Later” HERE.

If you aren’t familiar with Big Picture Classes (BPC) I highly recommend you check it out! They offer an array of classes for everything in relation to creativity, it’s amazing. It’s a great place to learn something new or just be inspired. They offer a FREE two week trial period, so be sure to sign up for that! 

Also be sure to check back here or on my Instagram @plannerdarlingg for a fun giveaway that will be happening soon! 


Hello The Simple Vita|The Journey Has Begun

Now that the new year pressure has worn off, I’m much more at ease trying to plan out my goals. Even better is that I have officially started! Read about HERE.

Let me introduce a new part of my blog The Simple Vita! I’m Italian at heart so of course I used vita which translates to life. It’s not correct grammar but this is the Internet and what is grammar anyways?

I will be sharing my journey and everything I learn along the way in relations to zero-waste living and minimalism! I am trying my best to S I M P L I F Y my life.
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